We Know More Than Our Minds

Sometimes what you think doesn’t really matter.

When making choices, each of us has a plethora of guides to help us. We have our minds, we have our bodies, we have our emotions, and we have our intuitions.

That’s a lot of voices talking to us at once. How do we know which to listen to?

In our technology driven society, our mind is the valued source of information, while the validity of the others is diminished. This is an error in judgement.

Our emotions indicate whether something is right for us, but as we’re taught to repress them, their signals get confused.

Our bodies readily tell us when something is wrong in our life, but our culture has trained us to throw a pill at it instead of listening to it.

Our intuitions are our direct link to the energies vibrating within and all around us, but our minds dismiss its messages as irrational.

Although it is supposed to be our most reliable source of information, the mind is not actually a superior function. It is on the same level as our emotions, bodies, and intuitions. They are meant to work together. When we preference one of our guides and dismiss the others, we knock ourselves out of balance.

The problem with relying solely on the mind is that the mind can rationalize anything. And if we have it doing all the information processing and conclusion drawing, it’s gonna make a mess of things.

How often do you feel lost in your thoughts, like there’s a million voices talking in your brain pulling you in different directions?

How often do you regret picking out the one thought that should have been left alone and choose to act on it?

How often do you feel like something is wrong but you have no idea what?

Can you ever get your mind to stop talking?

Our minds are not meant to carry the load we put on them. It’s gone so far that we link our whole identities to our minds and their thoughts. No wonder we so often feel lost and confused.

When we are open to receive the messages from all four of our guides, we stop being lost. We have a path and a purpose, and we are equipped with everything we need to fulfill them.

Instead of insulting our emotions, bodies, and intuition by telling them to shut up, we should be grateful for them.

They are not like talents, stronger in some and weaker in others. Each and every one of us has these gifts and can use them to create our best lives. If they’ve gone dormant from disuse, they will happily reawaken.

The next time you find yourself frazzled, take a moment to breathe and listen. Let your mind rest and allow your other guides to speak.

What are your feelings telling you?

What is your body telling you?

What is your gut telling you?

Then trust yourself.

Sometimes what you think doesn’t matter.

But what you know always does.





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